Paradisaic Paradox
Welcome home.

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Okie-dokie, so, I'd like to drop Snake Man from Mega Man aaaand reserve Zoey from Left 4 Dead this is my personal and the date it 9/16/12 thanks bby

Citizens, have you ever owned a pair of snakeskin boots, or perhaps a wallet or purse? Well, it turns out that robotic snakeskin is not quite the same thing.

The flat once inhabited by Snake Man is now available.

Immigrant Zoey, you have until 23/9 to complete all citizenship forms. May you come home soon.

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I'd like to put Wukong from LOL on hiatus. Thanks.

Citizen Wukongyour holiday ends on 16/10.

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Hallo~ Reserving Zatanna Zatara from DC! Today is 9/15 and this is my personal.

Immigrant Zantanna Zatara, you have until 22/9 to complete all citizenship forms. May you come home soon.

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I would like to drop Leon Kuwata and Kiyotaka Ishimaru, both from Dangan Ronpa... ;v; I'm so sorry, but I don't feel like rping them for now since I started university...

Surely this is not the first time these children have faced such misfortune. However, this is not a game, where lives are playing pieces to be used as a master wills. There is no room for murderers here.

Citizens, the flats once inhabited by Leon Kuwata and Kiyotaka Ishimaru are now available.

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Event 01 

It is relatively normal day in New Canaan, the city’s robots are running it as well as they can, and maybe you’re even feeling a little more relaxed in this strange place. Not quite home, but certainly not a place you hate spending time in.

And then a pleasant-sounding tone rings across the city’s speaker system, followed by Gusion’s soothing voice.

"A thought occurred to me the other day, citizens. Well, not so much a thought as a number of well-executed calculations, but I digress. I have noticed how some citizens have brought their pets from their original worlds here to New Canaan, and while I certainly have no qualms against this so long as they behave themselves, I cannot help but think that maybe the rest of you are feeling left out. Well citizens, you need not worry anymore, for I, your humble servant Gusion, have found the perfect way to end such feelings.

"Upon returning to your abodes, citizens, you will find your very own pet, courtesy of New Canaan, waiting for you. Food will be provided, and I imagine your new pet will sleep happily at the foot of your bed and provide you with endless comfort and entertainment.

"Have a nice day, citizens, and enjoy your new pets."

When you do return home, you do not immediately see your pet. But as soon as you close the door, you hear the growling. Whatever pet New Canaan has offered you is certainly not friendly.

And then it attacks. It’s certainly not like any animal you’ve seen before, either. You barely manage to scramble out of your flat and shut the door, but you can hear your new pet, eager to force itself out. Running through the circle reveals people in similar situations, and more of the little monsters.

So much for comfort.


Welcome to Paradisaic Paradox’s first event! In this even, Gusion has provided each citizen of the city with their very own pet, but since it doesn’t really know what a proper pet should be, the result is more than a little dangerous.

No pet is the same, but all of them combine animal features and mechanical parts. It could have long claws, poisonous fangs, wings, a laser eye, wheels; the details are entirely up to you, but all of them are deadly and eager to kill the residents of New Canaan.

Your only objective is survival, but assisting the less powerful citizens of New Canaan will not go unnoticed. You may use any means available to you, but keep in mind these pets will not give up their escape until one of you is dead.

The events begins as of now, and ends on Monday 23rd September at 0:00 PST.

Have fun, and good luck.

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Hey the hero's here! App in the Sidebar!

I fear you may be in the wrong place, citizen. Mullets went out of style a very long time ago. Might I suggest you pay a visit to one of the city’s barbershops?

Snow Villiers of Final Fantasy. Welcome home.

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Here's the account for Yukari Takeba; sorry it's so late! You'll find the application under the APPLICATION [PP] tab in the sidebar!

Your bestbian is in another castle, I am sorry.

But in the meantime, I hope you will make many new friends here in New Canaan. Just be careful with your toy gun, as it may intimidate others.

Yukari Takeba of Persona. Welcome home.

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I'm able to be online again and thus would like to take Raphael from Rhythm Thief and Claire from Professor Layton off hiatus, thanks!

The holidays for Raphael and Claire Foley have ended. I hope you are feeling rested, citizens.

Have a nice day.

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Immigrant Ema Skye, you have until 19/9 to complete all citizenship forms. May you come home soon.

Citizen Lightning Farronyour holiday ends on 12/10.

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Eh hiii, can I reserve Peko Pekoyama from Super Dangan Ronpa 2? This is my personal and today is 9/11 !

Immigrant Peko Pekoyama, you have until 18/9 to complete all citizenship forms. May you come home soon.

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